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Our Ethernet-enabled intelligent turn-key controller can control all your escape room, puzzles, games or props!

  • 12+ Customizable Puzzles already included (tons of options!)
  • End User Configurable - No Programming!
  • Graphical Software Interface
  • Room Control Software I/O interoperability
  • Remote Room & Puzzle Monitoring and Management
  • Simplified Wiring

Designed for maximum flexibility. With the ability to be transformed into a puzzle manager or room controller, our BAC V controller (formerly known as the Bad Ass Controller V) gives you control over customizing and configuring your puzzles or game room with just a few software changes through our graphical user interface, BAM 2.0.

Adaptable for any configuration. Our low voltage, wall mountable BAC V is equipped to handle a wide variety of inputs and outputs of even the most demanding custom puzzles. With removable wire headers, eight (8) inputs, six (6) outputs and two (2) 10A output relays on board, the BAC V delivers maximum wiring simplicity, adaptability and safety.

A family of expansion product
s available to accommodate most puzzle types.

  • Low Voltage System
  • (8) Inputs / (6) Outputs / (2) 10A Output Relays
  • Sound playback (optional)
  • Integration with RFID readers, magnet sensors and more
  • Removable Headers
  • DIN Rail Mountable (with optional adapter kit - contact us for details)

  • Connect other ERT sensors, NeoPixels and more with optional FX45 Connectivity Kit
  • Add 8 more inputs and 8 more outputs at 12V with the FX60 Expander , or add 5V I/O with the FX18.

Wide variety of pre-designed puzzles built in. The BAC V can be transformed into many puzzle types in minutes with just a few simple configuration settings. With the variety of input types available (open & closed switches, RFID, magnets, sound, knobs, etc.), combined with our wide variety of available game logic, set your creativity free! If you need something really special that's not already included, we would be happy to write something custom to accommodate your room's theme. (See the complete and growing list of included puzzles below)

Remote Room and Puzzle Controls. Improve the user experience!  The best player experience in an escape room comes when technology is seamless and "just works", making players wonder how an effect was achieved.  The BAC has full Ethernet connectivity to your local network, and it can interface with common software packages to create these magical moments. It also improves your game control experience by making common tasks like starting a game, playing a video, providing hints, overriding a puzzle, etc possible over the network.

With control software integration such as Node-RED or Mythric Mystery Master (M3), an entire online or in-person room can be controlled and monitored end to end, elevating the player experience to the highest level.

  • Ethernet Network-based for Remote Management
  • I/O Software Interface Interoperability
  • Remote Puzzle Monitoring and Control
  • Control Software Compatible (M3, Escape Room MasterHoudini MC, Mofang One, Node-RED and any other platform compatible with the industry standard MQTT protocol)


  • Simon Says - Pattern matching
  • Input Sequence - Detect buttons and control lights in patterns.
  • Simple Matching - Detect a pattern on the inputs.
  • *Combination Lock
  • *Knob Games (Rotational Valve Array) - FX51 magnet sensing boards detect rotational positions solve patterns and light control.
  • *Simple RFID Match Game - checks all RFID tags are in place using our FX205 RFID Reader
  • *Advanced RFID Match Games - system of RFID readers and tags in multiple states
    • Multiple solve patterns ie “Magic Wand” games
  • *Knock-Knock - Configurable Knock - Knock game. Use our FX12 Knock Sensor
  • *Valve Game - 1 to 8 Indestructible knobs with FX51 magnet sensing boards and LED feedback lighting
  • *Patch Cable Match Game

* Note - Games may require additional ERT hardware

Output Controls Include:

  • Maglocks of all sizes
  • Solenoid latches (pulse activated)
  • Sprite Player (video output)
  • Lights
  • Serial LEDs (WS2812, sometimes referred to as "NeoPixels")
  • Buzzers

Audio Support

Long-time customers may recall we previously offered an "Audio BAC" - a customized version with a built-in amplifier and sound player.  We've retired the Audio BAC, as now all BAC V controllers come with an expansion port that can be used to add audio support!

Our exciting new audio module that uses the expansion port is coming in mid-2024.  Until then, we recommend playing audio through your game control software such as M3, if possible. 

If you need audio at the controller, consider adding an FX45 expansion module and a MedeaWiz Sprite media player, which works just as well for audio as it does for video!  You'll also need a small amplifier - we like the Lepy LP-2020A.  

Important: Powering your BAC

The BAC V requires 12 to 24V power, with at least 1A of input current (2A recommended).  We sell the BAC without a power supply to offer flexibility to those who already have an industrial power supply (like a CCTV power distribution box).

If you plan on plugging your BAC into the wall with a standard adapter, we recommend also ordering our high-quality name brand power supplies, available here.  The 12V/2A power supply is the best choice for most applications.

Tech Specs

The BAC V includes updated inputs, outputs, and more memory compared to previous versions.

Input Voltage

12 – 24V DC
(Power supply not included;  we recommend our 12V/2A supply)


8 digital inputs (sourcing)

Configurable as 0-10V analog or 0-26V Digital (~5V switch point)

Inputs 0-3: (~7.25V switch point)

ESD Protected 30KV HBM 2K pulldowns

Current draw at 10V, 5mA Approximately 150pf of capacitance on inputs 0-3

Digital Outputs

6 digital outputs, configurable as low side (sinking), high side (sourcing), or half bridge (combine two outputs to together control a reversible motor, like a linear actuator)

Digital Outputs, 500mA Max per output, VinMax, Sinking configuration, 2500mA max all.


Relay Outputs

2 Relay outputs (SPDT), 48V, 10A

Form C (Normally open, common, normally closed)

Low voltage DC use only


10/100BT Ethernet Support for Monitoring and Control


A RS-485 Port is available for RFID network and other expansion.


Provided by optional FX45 Expansion Board


Atmel ARM M0+

Mount Options

Enclosed Case, Din Rail or Board Holder




BAC V Case

132mm (5-2/8") Note: Connector J8 protrudes 9 mm past the right edge of the pcb which brings the total length of the device to 141mm (5-9/16").



Length: 153.5mm (6-1/16”)

Width: 101.5mm (4”)

Height: 38.5mm (1-9/16”)




Read this First! - Understanding the basic BAC principles

Full Manual (newest)


Download Center (contains BAM 2.0, the configuration application for your BAC V controllers, as well as firmware updates if needed)

Room Controller Setup Docs


Network Commands Reference