Advanced Magnet Sensor (FX51)

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Replace your reed switches with our advanced hall effect sensor!

Detects rotation of a magnet and expandable with up to 16 FX51SEN sensor boards.

The FX51D is a reed switch replacement with an intelligent controller. It can be configured to detect various magnetic fields and then switch the on-board output that drive devices like maglocks directly.

Completely solid-state design, no clicks from the sensor or the output. Build in TVS (protection device) for more resilience when switching inductive loads (maglocks). Six output modes: active high, active low, pulse high, pulse low, set and clear.

While reed switches can be reliable, they are not always optimal for escape game props. The FX51D allows a prop designer to control loads directly, up to 2A. It can also act as normally open or normally closed and generate pulses or latch.

Additionally, the FX51D can detect polarity and can be configured to only trigger in a narrow range. This can be used to discriminate between at least 4 different objects

  • 6 output modes: active high, active low, pulse high, pulse low, set and clear
  • New high sensitivity mode!
  • Configurable sensitivity Solid state output switch
  • Pluggable header
  • Can be used for chess boards, simple placement props, multiple placement props, and anywhere else you want silent magnetic detection.
FX51D and Sensor Wiring
The FX51D can be used in the 4 prop hall sensor prop discriminator.
Use 4 FX51Ds for Prop Discrimination


Technical Specs

Controller Specifications

Input voltage

6 – 26V


1 Solid State Relay, 24V (max), 2A

Hall Sensor



NXP/Freescale ARM Cortex M0+

Magnetic Specifications

Gauss Sensitivity

+/- 430 Gauss

Sample Magnet A,

.125”x.125”, N42

20G from .5” from surface.


Sample Magnet B,

.25”x.25”, N42

107G from .5” from surface.


Sample Magnet C,

. 375”x.50”, N42

62G from 1.0” from surface.

307G from .5” from surface.


Sample Magnet D,

.5”x.5”, N52

69G from 1.75” from surface.

236G from 1.25” from surface.


When using the same magnet in two positions, the goal is to stay within the sensitivity range but provide enough ‘margin on each side for accurate detection and discretion (difference between the two). When combined with utilizing both poles, 4 or more combinations can be accurately detected.

Important Note:  To connect the FX51-SEN to a BAC V, you will also need an FX45 expansion module.