BAC V Expansion Connector Kit (FX45)

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Looking to expand beyond the included 8 inputs, 6 outputs and 2 relays on your BAC V controller?  Add an FX45 to the expansion port on the right and a whole new world of puzzles and connectivity awaits.

The affordable FX45-BASIC is all you need to connect a wide variety of Escape Room Techs props.  It includes:

  • RS485 Network Port: 
    Connect up to 32 FX205 RFID readers and detect non-metallic objects with precision!

  • I2C Port (JST-PH Connector):
    Connect FX51-SEN magnet sensors and our Indestructible Knobs to detect rotational motion with valve and knob games.

    Add an FX18 5V I/O Expander to add 16 5V I/O ports, perfect for switches and low-power LED lights.

  • I2C Port (IDC Connector):
    Add our popular FX60 12V I/O Expander and gain another 8 inputs, 8 outputs and 2 relays that work just like the ones onboard your BAC at a fraction of the cost of adding another controller.

  • Hi-Drive I2C Port:
    Connect an FX20 display and create excitement with a large-scale timer display in your room

    Add an FX14 and extend other I2C devices tens or hundreds of feet away from your controller.

  • Serial Port:
    Connect a MedeaWiz Sprite to add video and sound to your creations.

  • Analog:
    Connect an FX12 analog sensor to add a knock-knock game.

Or, max out your possibilities with the new FX45-MAX!  The MAX contains every port listed above and is even easier to configure and use, with centrally located jumpers with clear explanations printed right on the board.  It also adds two popular new features:

  • 2x Serial LED Ports
    Connect two sets of serial LEDs based on the WS2812 chipset (including the Adafruit NeoPixel line of products). 

    The FX45-MAX has an onboard voltage regulator for powering small numbers of LEDs - and provides a barrel jack for connecting 

  • I2C Port (JST-SH "Qwiic" Connector):
    Connect exciting future Escape Room Techs props coming soon...  or contact us to commission support for unique sensors from the SparkFun Qwiic or Adafruit STEMMA QT ecosystems.

For our returning customers looking for the FX45-FULL, it has been upgraded and replaced by the FX45-MAX at no extra charge!