BAC Expansion Connector Kit (FX45)

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Connector kit for the BAC V and FX450.

Provides easy access to the following signals:
  • RFID Controllers / RS485 Bus Connections (J10)
  • I2C High Drive signals for long distance drive of I2C Devices (J9)
    • Use FX14-AMP as a receiver to this bus
  • SPI, I2C, and UART low level signals (primarily for developers) via 4 connectors. (J2, J3/J14, J13)
  • 2x Analog inputs via Connector (J14)

The full version adds:

  • 2x Serial LED Drivers for WS2812 (sometimes known as NeoPixels) (J5) (Full version only)
Includes optional mounting hardware for simple mounting to BAC black enclosure.