Better Together

We’re excited to announce that
Escape Room Techs and Mofang One
have joined forces!

Start with the world-renowned reliability of hardware like the Bad Ass Controller V, FX201 RFID Reader, and the FX51 Magnet Sensor. Add the Mofang One team’s deep software knowledge and over 15 years of experience building award-winning puzzle experiences.  Back it all with the industry leading customer service you’ve come to expect.  That’s the new Escape Room Techs!

During the RECON 2020 conference, Gabriel Goldstein from Escape Room Techs and Ben Andrews from Mofang One created an example online game from scratch featuring the BAC V escape room controller - in less than an hour! 

Inspired by the possibilities, they began sharing future plans and brainstorming opportunities for deeper collaboration.  As these talks progressed, it became clear that a combination of the companies would build on their respective strengths in hardware and software to create a new leader in escape room technology.

Both Gabriel and Ben are excited to announce a partnership over a year in the making, with ambitious product plans and exciting software investments coming to the new Escape Room Techs!

What does this mean for you?

All your Escape Room Techs products are about to get even better.
We’re building on the great hardware you love with even better software, documentation and other resources.  A new version of our BAM management software that makes it even easier to set up and configure your BAC V controllers is coming soon, and even more exciting investments are in the works too.

We’re expanding our commitment to open platforms.
Are you an avid do-it-yourselfer who prefers to write their own software with the Arduino environment, but would like the rock-solid reliability of Escape Room Techs hardware?  We’ll soon be updating our custom board support package to add support for the BAC V, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.  Stay tuned for additional library support for our other sensors, too!

Because our products are built on industry standards like MQTT, we’ll also continue to offer full support for integration with your favorite software like Mythric Mystery Master (M3).

We have new equipment ready for custom prop design and fabrication.
With a fully stocked workshop containing a professional laser cutter and four 3D printers (both filament and resin), plus a deeply experienced fabrication team, we’re ready to tackle your custom projects and make your dreams a reality.  Have a tough problem and think we might be able to help?  Let’s chat!

What’s happening today? 

  • Our new store and Knowledge Center is open.
    We’ve updated our site with a new store to make it easier to find the products you need.  We’ve also revamped our support site to collect all of our downloads and manuals in one convenient location.  And if you need more personalized assistance, whether you're planning your next purchase or troubleshooting a glitch, we’re always available via our new live chat feature! 

    We're actively working to expand our documentation and support content, so expect the Knowledge Center to continue to grow over the coming months.  If you have feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Mofang One, previously available by invitation only, is now offered for all ERT customers - FREE through the end of 2021.
    Looking for a new alternative for hosting live online games that allows players to remote-control your props?  Contact us at with your BAC serial number and we’ll get you set up with an account. 

    Exclusively for ERT customers, we’ll even waive all per-game fees through the end of the year!

  • Thanks for your continued support and we look forward to working with you on your next project!

    Questions and Answers

    Has the BAC V changed?

    No - the Bad Ass Controller is still the same flagship hardware solution from ERT you know and love, and firmware updates and customer support will continue to be provided as normal after the transaction is complete.  You can build with confidence, knowing that your purchase will work seamlessly with both existing and upcoming software solutions.

    Will the BAC V work with my favorite software?

    Yes!  Escape Room Techs is fully committed to maintaining an open, interoperable approach.  With products built around industry standards like MQTT, you're free to use any software package you choose, including your favorite options like M3, Houdini MC and Escape Room Master.  We will continue to support popular platforms in our next generation products even as we expand our own software offerings.

    Will Escape Room Techs continue to offer custom consulting services?

    Yes!  As every interactive experience is unique, custom engineering is often required to realize a room designer's creative vision.  Escape Room Techs will continue to offer these services, both directly and through a network of highly qualified regional technology experts who can provide personalized local support and ongoing maintenance.

    What’s next for Escape Room Techs?

    As players demand even more exciting gameplay experiences, building an escape room is becoming increasingly complex, so we’re focused on making every aspect of the process even easier. 

    Stay tuned - we have some exciting developments in the pipeline for the future!

    What is the combined company's position on reed switches?

    Prior to this transaction, both companies independently offered solid state magnet sensors.  Our widely known stance on reed switches (i.e. they stink) based on years of experience hasn't changed:  the combined company will continue to offer hall effect sensors to fight the scourge of fragile, unreliable reed switches in escape rooms. 

    (Of course, the BAC V is compatible with your existing props based on reed switches, too -  although we do recommend you upgrade to our FX51 sensors!)

    Are the same team members still involved?  

    Yes.  Ben Andrews of Mofang One will lead the combined company as CEO;  he will be responsible for managing business operations, and the corporate headquarters will be located in Seattle, Washington, USA.  Gabriel Goldstein, the founder of Escape Room Techs, will focus on engineering the next generation of products and will serve as an advisor.  

    I’d like to get in touch to talk about a project or to offer suggestions and feedback.  How can I reach your team?

    Send us an e-mail at or chat with us live through Facebook Messenger and we’ll get the conversation started!