FX18 I/O Expander

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The FX18 is a low voltage I/O expansion controller designed to work with the BAC. There are an additional 16 I/O ports. There are two high output ports, which can be used to provide up to 2A of output current. The FX18 communicates to the BAC V using an FX45 using I2C.

As an added bonus, there is a High-Drive I2C terminal onboard, allowing the FX18 to be a considerable distance from the BAC & FX45 without requiring an additional FX14!

The FX18 is an affordable choice that's particularly well suited for interfacing with low-voltage external devices, like third party relay boards or microcontrollers, or for working with arrays of small switches or buttons.  If you are looking for additional industrial-hardened outputs comparable to those found on the BAC, you may find the FX60 to be a better fit for your needs.

Note that we are currently out of stock of the plastic cases pictured, so FX18 modules ordered will arrive as a bare circuit board.  This does not affect the functionality of the device.


  • 16 x 3.3VDC I/O ports
  • 14 x of these ports are each individually configurable - Output, Input, Input Pullup, Input Pulldown
  • 2 x are output only ports that can be used standard or in a special 2A high current mode that is powered by a separate 12-24V supply for driving mag locks
  • Advanced users can remove the top output screw terminals to install a ribbon cable header for a keypad
  • High-Drive I2C terminal (connects to port on FX45 expansion)
  • Logic Level I2C Input/Output port