8 Input, 8 Output I/O Expansion Board - FX60

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The FX60 is currently out of stock while we work on a next generation expander.  Watch this space in Q1 2024 for an exciting new product!

Our I/O Expansion Board adds even more controllable puzzles or games to your escape room project!

  • 8 Inputs, 8 Outputs
  • 2 Onboard Relays
  • Alternate versions available upon request - e-mail us for details:
    • 16 Outputs
    • 8 Inputs/8 Outputs with 2 Serial Ports
  • Bad Ass Manager Graphical Software Interface Integration
  • Game, Puzzle and Room Compatibility
  • Expanded Remote Room & Puzzle Monitoring and Management
  • Dual Board Interoperation for even more I/O Expansion
  • MQTT Compatible (M3)
Important Note:  To connect the FX60 to a BAC V, you will also need an FX45 expansion module.

Designed for Puzzle, Game or Room I/O Expansion. For those occasions when the complexity of design exceeds the BAC's built in I/O capability, the FX60 I/O Expansion Board adds the additional inputs and outputs required. Available in 3 versions, the FX60 accommodates a variety of I/O expansion for all those games, puzzles or room controls. Control many more lights, LEDs, electromagnets and much more with this simple I/O expansion upgrade.

Monitor many more inputs from buttons, to switches and sensors. With our BAM integration, MQTT compliance and M3 interoperability, the FX60 is available for remote I/O monitoring and management just like the core BAC V controller.

Mounting Options
  • Industry standard 72mm DIN Rail PCB holders
  • Plastic board holder and 2 screw holes
  • 4 PCB screw holes
  • Board size 72mm x 177.5mm or 2.8" x 7.0"

More Information

Control many more lights, LEDs, electromagnets or whatever else under the control of the FX. Monitor many more inputs from buttons, switches and sensors. The scope of logic and control is endless! The relays can drive two single motors or a bi-directional linear actuator or large maglocks. The relays (and board) are rated for 48VDC and 10A, but we do not recommend switching mains level AC circuits with them.

Up to 2 FX60 boards can be connected together on a single I2C bus

The FX60 seamlessly integrates with the FX60 over a I2C connection. It also mountable in the same ways, PCB mount, DIN rail holder, and plastic holder.

Expansion Input and Outputs and Relays for the FX controllers Inputs with EMI/ESD protection Outputs drive 500ma (sinking) Form C Relays, SPDT, 1 common, 2 switched Mountable in industry standard 72mm DIN Rail PCB holders Mountable with plastic board holder and 2 screw holes Mountable with 4 PCB screw holes