TransWorld 2022

Thanks for visiting us at TransWorld 2022!  We're pleased to share our products with you, and hope you'll keep us in mind for your next escape room build project. Let us help you realize your creative vision with our reliable technology solutions!

Show Special Discount - BAC Starter Kit for just $219!

Just getting started on your escape room journey? Skip the soldering iron or the 50-in-1 Arduino kit with parts you don’t need and learn together with us at Escape Room Techs!

Our starter kit includes our bulletproof BAC V escape room controller, plus a curated collection of parts with everything you need to build your first puzzle. We even include a custom laser-cut box with perforations, so you have a place to mount everything while you follow along with our custom video tutorials exclusive to this kit!


  • BAC V Controller
  • 12V, 2A Power Supply
  • 5 IP65-rated Push Buttons
  • 5 IP67-rated LED Lights
  • 12V 130lbs Cabinet Magnetic Lock
  • Solderless Connectors and Wire
  • Custom Laser Cut Cardboard Box
  • Video Tutorial Library
  • Our Famous Support and Assistance!


BAC V Controller

8 Inputs | 6 Outputs | 2 Relays | Infinite Possibilities

Plug-and-play setup through our easy desktop software; network connected for MQTT remote control; built rock solid with bulletproof industrial components and protection.

Expandable with FX60 to add even more inputs/outputs!

FX51 Magnet Sensor

Ditch the reed switch!
Our solid-state magnet sensors can detect fine positioning of magnets in three dimensions. Works independently (FX51D) or with our BAC (FX51SEN).

FX205 Networked RFID Reader

Coordinate up to 32 readers!
Easy to mount, easy to configure, easy to maintain! Build complex puzzles with multiple sequences that would be impossible with other products.


Locks, buttons, LEDs, knobs and more - battle tested and impervious to even the most careless guests. Packed with thoughtful touches and backed by our famous support!

Custom Prop Fabrication and On-site Services

Have a unique idea? We’ll help you build a custom prop to your exact specifications. With top experiences like Locurio’s The Storykeeper in our portfolio, we’ve got the expertise (and fabrication equipment) to bring your story to life through hidden, immersive technology.

Want some hands-on assistance? We’ve flown over a million miles and love to travel!
Let us visit you on-site and solve your tech problems in person as an extension of your team, whether it’s an intense build adventure or a quick fix. References available on request.