Escape Room Techs Starter Kit

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Are you in the early phases of planning tech for your escape room, or are you shopping for a gift for someone who is?  If that special someone on your gift list is seeking a better introduction to immersive entertainment than a generic 37-in-1 microcontroller kit, look no further than our new Escape Room Techs Starter Kit!

This kit, a $50 value, includes curated parts that give you everything you need to build your first puzzle and explore how to get the most out of the BAC - no soldering required!  The parts included are specially sourced by the ERT team to stand up to the rigors of escape room use while being easy to install and wire.

Paired with a BAC V (not included) and 12V/2A Power Supply (not included), you'll have everything you need to get up and running.  (Abby, the miniature Schnauzer pictured, is also not included.  Sorry!)

Throughout the month of December, we'll be sharing detailed videos on social media on how to get started with this kit, so your gift recipient can start following along and complete their first puzzle in the new year.

Due to limited available quantities, we ask that you limit purchases to one per customer.