RFID Starter Kit with 4 Readers and Tags

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Important stock notice:  Due to high demand, the FX201 is currently out of stock as we await the arrival of our next production run.  You may place a backorder for this product, but it will not ship until early October.  Thanks for your understanding!

This convenient kit contains four of our FX201 RFID readers, 20 RFID tags (10 each of the 25mm stickers and 16mm plastic disks), and a special bonus of 10ft of 4-conductor hookup wire.

To complete a full RFID system, you will also need a Bad Ass Controller V and matching 12V/2A power supply, both of which are sold separately.

About the FX201

The FX201 RFID Reader is a networked reader designed for long range and/or high-count RFID reading puzzle designs. The network it uses is RS-485 which is designed to run thousands of feet. A 4 wire cable connects all of the readers together and provides power.  The FX201 is compatible with EM4100/EM4200 125Khz RFID tags.

There are other solutions that work well and may be more cost effective when there are only 1 to 4 tagged props to account for, however there are many advanced features of this system that surpass the competition such as:

High reader count: typically used for 1 to 16 readers, but is expandable up to 32

Long distance communications: The length of cable to the readers and the controller can exceed 1000 feet. This allows the readers to be remotely located from the controller.

Features when combined with a FX Controller:
Single button learning: When you want to initially configure the system or replace a prop or tag, a single button can learn the desired pattern again.

Partial match: With large match puzzles with poor tag/reader alignment, you may want to allow a few readers to be unread and still allow the puzzle to solve.

Auto reset: The puzzle can reset via a remote command or when all the readers return no tag, and could be combined with a time delay.

MQTT/Node-Red Manageable: Depending on the host system, more complex and dynamic logic can be implemented.

Important Note:  To connect the FX201 to a BAC V, you will also need an FX45 expansion module.

RFID Demo at Transworld
using the FX201 RFID to set up a valve game.