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Need to play video in your escape room installation?  The Sprite is a simple device that can play a video based on an external trigger.  Perfect for adding video capabilities to a BAC-based escape game, or for adding audio triggers in conjunction with an external amplifier.

The maximum supported resolution is full HD 1920x1080. 

When you purchase the Sprite from us, we include a pre-wired connector that allows you to connect your Sprite to your BAC.  You'll also need an FX45 expander (all versions contain the necessary Serial connector).

If using your own Sprite, you'll need half of a JST PH 2.0mm spacing cable to plug into the FX45 Serial port;  we recommend purchasing one of our 12" I2C cables and cutting off one end.

Documentation for connecting the Sprite is available here on our FAQ site.  We're also always available to help!