Keypad Game Kit (FX18 and Cable, Bring Your Own Keypad)

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12-Key Keypad Game for the BAC V Controller

Kit includes:
  • FX18 I/O Expander for the BAC
  • FX45 Max Expansion Board
  • Professional wiring harness (Keypad to FX18)

Does not include a keypad!  We recommend the Storm 1000 series, which is available from Digikey or other major distributors.

With this kit, a BAC V controller and your favorite keypad, you have everything ready to equip your escape room with an awesome interface!

Maybe you want to open a lab door or maybe in order to stop the nuclear meltdown a code must be input. Whatever scenario you are immersing your players in, this is a must have item for any escape room!

We recommend pariing this kit with a 12-Key, metal keypad like the Storm 1000 series, which is rated IP65 and splash proof.  Originally designed for public telephones, it is highly resilient and will last for the long haul.

This kit includes a special version of the FX18 extender that has been customized to include a keypad connector, plus our latest FX45-MAX expander module that lets you connect it to your BAC V controller.

We also include a professionally built wiring harness for this kit as well.  If you're using the keypad we recommend, the whole kit will be plug-and-play and ready to work upon arrival - just configure the software to match your game plans!