Indestructible Knob for FX51 Sensor

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Tired of knobs breaking in your props? We are too! Electronic knobs were not designed for the harsh world of escape rooms. That is why we created this device. Available in 1/2" shaft, this knob will stand up to the worst of most players.

Built from steel, aluminum, and engineering plastics, this thing is tough. It can hold up an full grown mechanical engineer standing on the knob end. That's about 200lbs.

How it works: The knob assembly is mounted to a base plate supporting the knob shaft. The back of the shaft, the side inside the block, has a special magnet attached to it. That magnet is detected by the FX51D or FX51SEN. They both have the same sensor on board. Together, they can be configured to trigger on any combination of knob rotation position.

The FX51D is the primary sensor for the system and FX51SEN are daisy-chainable additions, which leads to a much more cost effective solution. The FX51D is the brains of the operation and supports many configurations and variables, and also houses the logic and a 2A Solid State Relay switch. More on the FX51D here.

You will also need I2C JST hookup cables for your knobs, which are not included.

Need multiple knobs?  Buy 4 and receive a 10% discount in your cart at check-out!

*Note: Actual body color is black.

Demo of 4 Indestructible Knobs with FX51 sensors/controllers