Indestructible Knob for FX51 Sensor

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Tired of knobs breaking in your props?  Simple potentiometer-style knobs were not designed for the harsh world of escape rooms and need constant replacement.  We created the Indestructible Knob to solve this problem once and for all! 

This knob will stand up to the worst abuse your players can dish out.  Built from a 1/2" steel shaft, an aluminum knob, and a 6/6 nylon engineered plastic housing, this thing is tough and can withstand hundreds of pounds of force.

How it works: The knob assembly is mounted to a base plate supporting the knob shaft. The back of the shaft, the side inside the block, has a special magnet attached to it. That magnet is detected by our solid-state sensor modules, the FX51-SEN and FX52D.   Both have a 3D magnet sensor onboard and can be configured to trigger on any combination of knob rotation position.

To connect the indestructible knob to a BAC, purchase FX51-SEN sensors, an FX45 Expansion Module (not included) and I2C JST-to-JST hookup cables (not included).  Knobs must be placed no further than 2 feet apart from each other.

To operate the indestructible knob independently, purchase our new FX52 sensor instead (coming soon;  contact us at for preorder information!).  You can expand the FX52 with additional FX51-SEN sensors if needed;  purchase an I2C QWIIC-to-JST cable for the first sensor, and JST-to-JST cables for the remaining sensors.

We also sell just the mechanical components separately, if you'd like to design your own sensing solution or if you just want some spare parts to keep on hand.

Knob assemblies are preassembled at the factory:  just install the sensor with two screws, connect the wires, and you're ready to go!  We pre-tighten fasteners in the knobs but no longer apply thread-locker, so you can disassemble the knob as needed to place it behind a front panel or to replace our four-wing knob with any other handle that can mount via set screw on a 1/2" shaft with a flat cutout.

While "indestructible" is just a name and not an implied warranty - anything mechanical can eventually break if you abuse it enough - we are proud to stand by this product for the long haul and it has withstood the test of time for years in the field!  In the extremely unlikely event your indestructible knob fails, contact us and we'll do our best to get you back up and running ASAP for just a nominal shipping and materials fee.

Need at least 4 knobs?  Take advantage of our discounted 4 pack offer!

*Note: Actual body color is black.

Demo of 4 Indestructible Knobs with FX51 sensors/controllers