I2C Range Extender (FX14-MINI)

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Need to send an I2C signal over a long distance?  The FX14-MINI level shifts the I2C voltages to a higher level so they can withstand the journey.  You'll need one FX14-MINI for each end of the connection - but if you're connecting to a BAC, you'll only need one because the BAC already has the necessary driver circuitry on its High-Drive I2C port.

The new FX14-MINI is a convenient upgrade to the original FX14-AMP:  the new, lower cost means you can place a FX14-MINI next to each sensor you want to extend, giving you complete freedom for designing placement throughout your experience.  It also adds a new Qwiic port for future expansion and an RJ45 port, letting you use standard cabling to quickly make a long connection without stripping wire. 

(Important warning:  The RJ45 port is not a standard Ethernet port and should never be connected to any device other than another FX14-MINI, as equipment damage may result.)