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Want a 3D printed artistic part without the distinctive layer lines?  Need a special bracket to mount one of our sensors in exactly the right place?  Let us help fabricate the perfect solution for you with one of our four specialty 3D printers.

Our traditional filament-based printers, the most common type, work like a robot pastry chef wielding a precise piping bag full of molten plastic.  They can produce large pieces at an affordable price that are perfect for mechanical mounting brackets and other hidden parts.  Filament-printed parts are strong in 2 out of 3 axes, but are prone to separation on the third;  we can often design parts around this limitation.  They do have a distinctive 3D printed feel, caused by the layer lines generated as the 3D printer moves the build platform up and down in the Z dimension, and as such we don't recommend filament parts for use in player-visible areas.

Our UV resin curing printers work differently, by exposing layers of ultraviolet light-sensitive plastic in a vat of liquid to a special image displayed with an LCD screen.  The precision possible with this technology is incredible - it is frequently used for making board gaming miniatures, dental impressions and jewelry, making these parts perfect for customer-visible pieces in escape rooms.  Costs are higher - the special plastic is expensive, and the print process is time consuming because it requires a manual washing and curing step - but the end results are beautiful and will exceed your expectations for what 3D printing is capable of.

If you have a project you think 3D printing might be a good fit for, let's chat!  Actual costs are based on your specific project.  Please do not purchase this item until you have received a confirmed quote from us.