Companion Interface Board for Indestructible Knob

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Need to interface with one of our indestructible knobs, but can't wait for the FX51-D to come back in stock?  We've come up with this alternative solution to work around the current supply chain issues causing delays in our production pipeline, for customers with simple and straightforward needs.

This product consists of:

- an FX205 Rev 3 board with custom firmware (but no RFID reader chip)
- a specially wired 12" JST-PH cable
- a plastic case for easy mounting

With this kit - and an indestructible knob/FX51-SEN combination - you can detect continuous rotation from a single knob without an external controller.

This kit needs a 12V power supply.

When the knob is rotating, 12V from the VIN port will be output from the OUT port.
When the knob is not rotating, 0V from the GND port will be output from the OUT port.

The device contains a captive configuration portal Wi-Fi network that can be temporarily enabled by pushing and holding the SET button.  When you connect to the FX205 Firmware Update network, you will be able to see the current rotation status of the knob and set sensitivity parameters, as well as to configure if the rotation output is dependent on clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional rotation.

You will need one of these boards for each indestructible knob you wish to install.