Cabinet Spring Lock Kit (12V Solenoid)

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Use our cabinet magnetic spring lock for situations where you want to pop a small door open with visible force or for small spaces where a traditional mag lock won't fit.  A popular alternative to standard magnetic locks, these locks are highly reliable and very forgiving to install, with a small hasp that is much less obtrusive and easier to align than the large metal slug used by traditional locks.

Originally designed for package lockers, these locks are unique because they are fail secure - that is, they stay locked when power is not applied.  To unlock them, a brief pulse of 12V power at 2A (2000mA) is applied, causing the solenoid inside to retract the latch.  The locks should only be pulsed for a very brief time - about 100 milliseconds - as the lock will overheat and fail if continuous power is applied.  

Our version of this lock is sourced from a trusted manufacturing partner whose locks we've found to be quite reliable in our past projects.  Unlike many similar locks, this one is designed to a higher standard with an internal switch that reports whether the latch is engaged or not and strain relief around the rear connections to avoid wiring damage.  We've made a few additions of our own, too, that you won't find anywhere else:

- We publish a mounting template, and include 3x M4-0.7x25mm machine screws and matching flange nuts for mounting the lock.  Because these locks are metric, appropriate hardware can be difficult to find in the US.  (We also include two #6-3/4 screws for mounting the hasp.)
- We include a custom-built wiring harness that uses the internal switch to cut power to the solenoid when the lock is released, adding extra protection against leaving the solenoid engaged for too long.  The harness is professionally built with soldered and heatshrink protected connections, plugs in with standard JST-SM connectors, and terminates in bare wires you can connect to your control wiring.
- We offer personalized support for any issues you might encounter.

When designing a prop around this lock, please note these important caveats:

  • The lock has an exposed lever that can be used as an emergency release.  Because the lock is "fail secure", any failure in the electronic controls will result in your lock being permanently stuck in the locked position, so you must design your prop with emergency access to this lever.  In many cases, this is as simple as drilling a hole you can insert a screwdriver into to release the latch.  
  • Because it needs to overcome a large mount of force to release the spring, the lock draws a large amount of power in a very short period of time - 2A (2000mA) at 12V.  As such, these locks should ideally be powered by their own separate, isolated 12V supply using the relay feature of a BAC or FX60.  Their power needs exceed the rating of the standard outputs on the BAC, so do not use the non-relay output ports to power them.
  • This lock is only rated for 12V.  Do not connect to a 24V power supply.
  • A significant amount of electrical noise can be generated by activating the solenoid.  We recommend protecting your power supply and other devices in the circuit with a component like a diode or MOV.
  • The recommended mounting configuration for this lock is with the emergency release lever pointing down.  We have successfully mounted them "upside down" with the lever on the top in past projects, though.
  • This lock is not certified for use in applications where failure could cause injury or damage to property.


Operating Voltage 12V
Operating Current 2A (2000mA)
Maximum Operating Time Per Pulse 300ms (0.3 seconds);  100ms (0.1 seconds) ideal
Maximum Door Weight 8lbs
Temperature Range
-40 F to 122 F
Design Lifespan At least 500,000 operating cycles
Material Steel
73 mm x 66 mm x 13 mm (lock body)
20 mm x 34.5 mm x 22.5 mm (hasp)

about 2.9 in x 2.6 in x 0.5 in (lock body)
about 0.8 in x 1.4 in x 0.9 in (hasp)
Included Mounting Hardware 3x M4-0.7 x 25mm machine screws (black, Phillips head)
3x M4-0.7 flange washers
2x #6 x 3/4" screws for mounting the hasp (silver, Phillips head)