16mm IP65 Push Button with Screw Terminals

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Looking for a small, unobtrusive button made out of high quality materials that can stand up to daily use in an escape room environment?  Try our 16mm push button, which is IP65 rated against dust and moisture.  With convenient screw terminals, you can install it in seconds - no soldering iron required.

The small size makes this button perfect for mounting on control panels, inside concealed areas or simply for experimenting with your new BAC!

To install, simply drill a 16mm (5/8") hole, insert the button, and tighten the included nut against the rubber gasket.  Then, connect the wiring to the two screw terminals on the bottom.


18mm (Outer diameter of bezel)
16mm (Diameter of hole/threaded body)
Length 22.5mm (total height of assembly)
Connection Type Screw Terminals
Protection Rating IP65
Material Nickel Plated Brass
Mounting Method Panel Mount
Operation Style Normally Open
(pressing the button completes the circuit;  when the button is not pressed, no connection is made.)
Button Style Flat/Recessed (button is flush with surface of bezel and recesses inside the assembly when pushed)