16-Input Match Maker Sensor (FX10)

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The FX10 is a convenient way to detect the arbitrary state of up to 16 inputs. Originally designed for circuit breaker props, it can be used to detect the state of 8 inputs, twice! Each set of 8 inputs is compared to user settable switches and the output is driven low when the inputs DO NOT match the switches. The outputs can be tied together for a single 16 input match controller.

The controller performs a logical comparison between 8 internal switches and 8 external inputs, twice! Each comparison is reflected with a status led and an output pulled high. The outputs can be wired together to create a single 16 input comparator.

There are two key advantages to this controller. One, the solution can be quickly changed by changing the switches on the controller. Two, in cases where the switches are borrowed from real life hardware (like circuit breakers, keyboards, etc.), you may not have access to both sides of the switch to hardwire your logic. In this case, you can wire the common side of the switches to ground and wire the other side to the inputs to the FX10 to easily detect the positions of the switches.

As in the circuit breaker prop example, wire each circuit breaker to an input. Then wire the main bus bars of the circuit breaker panel to ground. Power the FX10 with 12-24V. Set the switches. When the breakers switch positions match the setting switches, the output will go high. Use this output to trigger a FX350 or other controller.

Demo of the FX10 in a circuit breaker panel at Transworld 2018