Telephone BAC V Prop Kit with 12V/1A Power Supply

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This special custom-built version of the Bad Ass Controller V with Audio that converts any standard telephone into a plug-and-play phone prop.   Let your players use a phone in the game to receive clues, messages, and solve puzzles.

Our phone prop, created by popular request, is set apart from others by our attention to detail.  The Phone BAC offers a configurable dial tone, wrong number recording, and other customized audio files that give players the full, authentic experience of using a real telephone.  Pulse or DTMF dialing are both available, maximizing the types of vintage telephones you can use - just add your favorite that meets the aesthetic and thematic goals of your experience.

Because our phone prop is based on the BAC V, it includes the same easy web browser interface and configuration you know and love - phone behavior is all user configurable!

The phone functionality is also provided in addition to the usual inputs and outputs available on the BAC, so you also receive 6 configurable outputs and 2 relays for a total of 8 possible controlled devices based on phone events!   

If your puzzle design requires it, we also offer a version of the Telephone BAC with a unique feature in the escape room industry, a version with specialty controls that can cause the telephone to ring.  You can also use an input to trigger the ringer, and remote management works to trigger the ringer as well.

Most puzzles can be achieved by the built-in game logic, but elaborate custom dial trees and other integrations are also available - contact us for a quote.

Interfaces with Mythric Mystery Master, Mofang One, Houdini, Escape Room Master, Clue Control, and MQTT.

This kit includes a Telephone BAC V, a 4GB SD card and a 12V/1A power supply.  Phone not included.

Demonstration of the Bad Ass Controller with a phone