Pre-Destructed Knobs 4 Pack

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What does it take to damage our so-called indestructible knobs?  Other indestructible knobs!  Unfortunately, due to a shipping error, a batch of our knobs arrived rattling around together in the same box, arriving with minor cosmetic scratches on the knob portion caused by rubbing against the housings of other knobs.   

(Don't worry, they still work great - the damage is purely cosmetic.)

If you're planning on painting, augmenting or refinishing the knobs before installation, or if you intend to install them in a low-light or low-visibility environment, save big by purchasing our "pre-destructed knobs" at a fraction of the price - and save us the hassle of re-anodizing this batch of knobs!

Kit includes 4 knobs with minor cosmetic damage and four FX51-SEN sensors.